Oct 2, 2015

Poddale Dalithoy/ Bottle Gourd Dal

The main source of protein in our diet is from Dal or lenthils. The go to dal for me is Toor Dal which is also called as Pigeon Dal. It not only is nutritious but also enhances the flavor even when I make authentic Dalithoy. Any Konkani Food Blogger will feel their blog incomplete if they do not post the recipe for Dalithoy. Mine is incomplete too :-)

Whenever I go to India I scribble down recipes in a book from my in-laws and aunts. This recipe is from my Aunt and I made a note of this may be more than 3 years back. She served me this dal when we went to have dinner at her place. I immediately asked her for the recipe. 

The best part of this dal is this will serve as a gravy for rice and also will have poddale pieces in it. So any lazy day I honestly prefer making this. I will not have to feel guilty I havent served my family veggies. Lastly this is delicious too !

Sep 28, 2015

Ponasa Patholi

One of the delicacy and very unique during jackfruit season. Jackfruit ground with rice and then steamed in turmeric leaves has a fantastic taste ! I did not have turmeric leaves so I steamed it in banana leaves. Let be turmeric or banana leaves we enjoyed it. First time for my daughter and she loved it :-)

Patholi is a delicacy in Konkan and Goan Communities. Konkani, Goan and Kerala people use coconut in almost all their food preparation. These places are located at coastal regions where coconut is grown in abundance. This is prepared without jackfruit too.

My maternal Uncle loved to have this with ghee on top and dip it into honey. I love it with honey too!

Sep 20, 2015

Urad - Moong Dosa/ Udid-Mooga Polo

Recently I wrote a brief note on upvasa khana. This recipe is my first contribution to that new section.

I prepared this dosa last month on Ekadashi day. This is a simple dosa to prepare as the batter does not need fermenting. Serve it with butter or homemade fresh "loni" with any simple chutney.