Feb 27, 2010

Konkani Names for Fish

I started eating and cooking fish only after my marriage. My maternal family is vegetarian and we never used to cook non-veg at home. However, they were not against we eating non-veg. I still do not have a great taste, but I can say I am a non-vegetarian by choice and I love to try different recipes.

My hubby is from Mangalore and he has been a sea food lover since his childhood. He knows all konkani names for fish. But here since we get fish from all origins and has there own names, we are always skeptical about buying those.

Whenever we want to get fish, we buy it from 99 Ranch. They have both fresh and frozen ones. I like that place because they cut and clean the fish if we want. I have tried couple of frozen ones, but so far have liked only fresh ones.

I have jotted down Indian Names for few of the fish available here. I will update the list as and when I get to know new ones.

Shrimps - Sungat
King Fish - Vison
Sardine - Tarle
Indian Mackerel - Bangde
Pompreft - Maanji
Crab - Kurlo

Apart from these I have heard from couple of friends about Belt Fish, Cat Fish and Salmon. Honestly haven't really tried these.

Note: The Indian names I have mentioned are in Konkani and I am not aware which other language uses the same translation.


  1. Hi Mythili,
    I just came accross your food blog from Supriya's foodworld. You have a wonderful site. I tried to comment on your dishes but unfortunately blogger is giving some problem and I was not able to comment. :) will keep visiting often. Its no nice to have met you here. Tried using the contact form to contact you too.. that did not work either :(

  2. I see you are in Sunnyvale. The 99 Ranch store on Wolf near Fremont Ave carries some great wild caught fresh fish and also live fish! Great seafood at great prices. Also the produce is quite nice. Hankook Market (Korean on El Camino) is also excellent.

    My mom lives in Sunnyvale and I grew up there.

    I cook both Indian and Thai.

    Mary-Anne (site Editor iFood.TV and Thai Food Editor on Bellaonline.com)