Jul 24, 2015

Kirkland Organic Coconut Oil

This review is for Kirkland Organic Coconut Oil which is available in a pack of 2 at Costco. The price I have seen varies from $24.99 to $27.99. One bottle is 42.3oz. I have been using this oil on skin and very rarely even in cooking. I have liked it so far and thinking of continuing to buy. With more and more usage of chemicals and adulteration in products these days we are trying to go organic as much as possible. Costco has very good products and is very economical most of the times.

It is also available at Amazon Organic Coconut Oil at Amazon.

This oil has helped my very dry and cracked legs. I have always gone through extreme dry legs all round the year. I have tried numerous creams before. The creams would keep my legs hydrated only for sometime. But this oil has really helped my legs soften a lot. I have also been using this oil on our daughter and this has helped her skin greatly.

The oil does get hard when the weather gets cold but can be scooped with spoon easily. For easy access I have stored it in small container which is placed near our gas range and the heat keeps it always melted.

We are not very extensive user of coconut oil in our cooking. Having said that we do use this in many of our dishes and this surely gives out a very nice aroma. I am totally satisfied with this oil.

This is also available on Amazon.

Disclaimer: This review is totally based on my personal experience with the product and can not be treated as medical advice. No advertisers have paid me for writing this review.Starting from my personal things to groceries I try to read the reviews before buying new products. I have started writing reviews on products I am using only for consumer benefit who are like me.

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