Aug 26, 2015

Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

I am not a ice cream person but my husband and little one both love ice cream. My little one craves for ice cream. I waited for one good year before I settled with Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker. People were vouching for Kitchenaid. But honestly I am not professional cook! I wanted something compact, for smaller quantity and of course which fits into my budget. Finally we decided to go with this.

There were mixed reviews,more on how the bowl needs to be freezed for at least 12 hours. Yes, if you don't plan ahead you wont have your ice cream instantly! I have made a space for this bowl in my freezer. I just have to make the mixture,leave it in the refrigerator for 2 hours and my ice cream will be ready in 20 minutes.

The red color makes this very attractive and a right size for smaller batches. If you plan to make it for bigger groups you may have to make it multiple times. The motor is small and fits well into our pantry. When in use the sound is minimal. It comes with a plastic paddle which should be placed into the freezer bowl. The bowl rotates and then slows down when the ice cream churns into a creamy texture.

We can make ice cream, sorbet and frozen yogurt in this. I have tried ice cream and sorbet. Yet to try frozen yogurt. Seeing the quality of ice cream and sorbet I am sure frozen yogurt will come at its best. Chocolate flavor is most loved in our house. I have tried vanilla, choco chips, strawberry and chocolate ice cream so far. Just to try I did replace whipping cream with full fat milk and then with half and half. I now make ice cream with only milk and whipping cream. Its okay to relish sinful desserts sometimes :)

It has a transparent plastic lid which makes pouring the mixture very easy and mess free. You can stir the mixture when the the motor is on and also see how the ice cream is forming.

Using this is a cakewalk. Just fit in the freezer bowl into the motor. Set the paddle and then close it with the lid. The lid has a lock. Switch on the button and pour in the mixture from top. You can also add any accompaniments like choco chips or nuts when you want to. You do not have to stop the ice cream maker or open it.

Per manual you need to keep everything ready and then put in the freezer bowl onto motor. I have always followed it to avoid any kind of delays or mess later. I am not exactly sure how much time will the bowl have the freezer temperature.

The only thing which I felt should have been better was refrigerating the mixture. I am yet to try making the mixture and pouring into it right away. Skeptical to give it a try. However all the ingredients like milk, cream, fruits and even maple syrup are refrigerated. Should not be a problem is what I am guessing.

Not to forget, ever since we decided to go raw or natural we are trying our best to replace sugar with maple syrup or honey. Our little one loves both so it has not made any difference in taste to us. Its very hard to replace sugar in most of the authentic Indian Sweets which I make. So I try my best to do it wherever possible ! My friends who tried my ice cream did not feel the difference either.

Before buying I was debating between this model and the 2 quart stainless steel one. The stainless steel is undoubtedly beautiful and was available for $99.99 at Costco. But for my need this does the job wonderfully and I can't deny the fact that the price was attractive too. This is sold in Kohl's for $69.99. If you are a regular shopper at Kohl's, I am sure you know how nice they are with their coupons.

So if you are a ice cream lover and would want to try few making at home, go with this and I bet you wont regret!

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