Sep 18, 2015

Upvasa Khana

In konkani "upavasa" is "fasting" and "khana" is "edible or food".

There are various days in year I come across where I will have to cook which does not have rice in any form. Though not a tradition, I can say this is a rule followed religiously in most of the festivals in Konkanis.

I choose to write about it today as I am on a no-rice fast :-). For the last three years during Shravana Maasa I observe Vaibhava Lakshmi Vrat for 5 Friday's. The rules to observe this vrat varies from each person. I typically avoid eating anything with rice that's "kharkata" for us until I finish my pooja in the evening. I eat may be quinoa instead of rice or eat wheat bread (of course without eggs) or make some sevai usli or dosa.

Most of the people do not fast entire day without food, instead they avoid eating rice or rice items on "upavasa" day. Konkani terminology for food prepared with rice is "kharkata". So whenever my MIL or mother says not to eat "kharkata" there are numerous recipes which comes into my mind and there are few which I have completely forgotten. So I thought of maintaining a list of such recipes here which can be prepared during festival time where people typically dont eat anything of rice until the pooja is done.

Mom and I avoid rice, rice items, garlic and onion on mondays. We substitute our lunch with either fruits, chapathis or anything which is not made of rice and eat rice only for dinner. I have seen my MIL doing this on fridays, my aunt on thursdays and many other people on different days. Recipes mentioned here comes handy even during such days or any other auspicious days like ekadashi etc...

I will keep updating this page whenever I prepare something new. Any ideas from my readers are also most welcome.

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