Aug 6, 2015

Ultra Wet Grinder 1.25 Ltr

I have been married for more than 6 years and never owned a wet grinder. There was no reasons for me not to buy Indian Mixer or Wet Grinder. I was using US made blenders from different brands. It was last year I even bought a Ninja Blender from costco for which I will be writing review soon. Whenever my friend served me idly the temptation to buy an Ultra Wet Grinder only got stronger.  Finally it was on the top of my list during our last visit to India (Its already 7 months I own this grinder, time really flies!). How can I not own this for the last 6+ years? This is a total savior if dosa/idli are a must at your house. I am in love with this little (heavy though :) ) gadget which is sitting in my pantry. We relish idly and all types of dosa now. Neer Dosa which is my daughter's favorite is now staple and have never tasted so good before. 

The only downside of this grinder is its not tilting. For the wonderful job it does I can actually forgo that feature. Only if the batter is of large quantity it's time consuming to empty all the batter. But neer dosa batter is always a bliss!

If you are thinking of buying a wet grinder my vote would be surely for Ultra brand. As I said before this is my first wet grinder ever and I have no experience with any other. However I did a bit of research and also have personally seen people owning either Ultra or Premier. Premier does have really great reviews and for people who likes tilting Premier will be a better choice. I just like the color combination and style of Ultra. Also people gave mixed reviews of Premier grinder's base. Though the performance could be equally good in batter quality I was attracted to Ultra.

How and Where did I buy it from? I got it from India. Keep in mind one luggage of 23 kgs has to be reserved for it. It weighs around 10 kgs + package weight + suitcase weight. Only to prevent any kind of damage I stuffed in clothes around and top of the box. It did come to US in one piece :). I was so eager to try it, I did run it for few seconds empty as soon as we land despite the tiredness of long hauling flight !

Honestly I paid Rs.6300 only. Again people gave me advice on why we should buy one here rather than getting it from INDIA. Like I said I was more inclined towards Ultra. The price here was $250.00 + tax and Premier was $160.00 + Tax. I was willing to wait and risk it. Even in India you get this in very well known appliance stores for Rs.9400.00 which is company converted. Harsha in Mangalore and few more in Bangalore were charging the same. I then went to a small retailer near my house in Bangalore and checked if he can convert 240V to 110V. He agreed and assured me I will have no issues. My cousins did not want me to take the risk and suggested me to go with company converted. But the store people said they can only give me warranty and not let me see if the grinder is running. Not even in the store. So that was the same situation with this retailer with a lower cost. As Rs.6400 was a good bargain I went with it and here is my little grinder !  Tadaa....

It is easily available in local Indian groceries or even Indian electric stores. Amazon and Ebay also see this.

Disclaimer: This review is based on my personal experience with the product. No advertisers have paid me for writing this review.

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