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Welcome to My Leisurely Kitchen !!!

I am Mythili and let me take a moment to introduce you to the site. This is a recipe blog created and maintained by me. Unlike most of the large recipe sites "my leisurely kitchen" is my personal website, with only a few recipes learnt from my family and friends. Recipes on this blog are mostly konkani style to be more precise South Kanara konkani food. This blog also has few very easy recipes which are self experimented.

My husband is from Mangalore and for sure a sea food lover. I have learnt many mangalore fish delicacies from my mother in law which I love to cook as well as eat. Not to forget my adorable mom. She always complains she is not a good cook who according to me is a wonderful cook who has her own unique tasty recipes.My aunt, sister-in-law (brother's wife) are two great cooks and the recipes and techniques I learn from them are countless. I take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to my recipe collection.

About Myself:

I was born and brought up in a very small town called Thirthahalli, in Shimoga district. Before my marriage I lived in Bangalore for about 6 years working for a MNC. Currently I am in the US with my husband and I am a home-maker.

I invite you to try the recipes and leave any feedback in the comments. You can contact me through "contact me" page.

Thank you for stopping by!

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