Apr 17, 2013

Paneer Paratha

As I mentioned in my Aloo Paratha post, our nanny made awesome parathas. Most of the paratha recipes I blog are from her. I surely was not a big fan of paneer. Now I always have a stock in our refrigerator only because my DD loves it ! She is in her toddler hood and loves to self feed. So feeding her rice is very challenging and messy job for me. I try to squeeze in parathas, roti or even dosa during dinner. Dinner was a bliss when I made this paratha !

Very simple recipe with very few basic ingredients which are easily available in ones pantry. But paratha have always been time consuming for me. All the methods are the same as Aloo paratha except for preparing paneer stuffing. This is much quicker and easier as we do not need to fry paneer. If the paneer is thawed well, grating wont take more than a couple of minutes.

Apr 12, 2013

Kai Holige

Wish you all a Very Happy Ugadi. Ugadi festival reminds me of childhood days. New clothes, lots of food and not to forget yummy ubatti. I still remember that song of our school days "Uga Ugadi Kaledaru"...what a lovely and meaningful lyrics. My cousin mentioned this festival is also called as "Ubbati Parab". Ubbati is a sweet dish prepared specially during Ugadi and Parab means festival in konkani.

My DH is not a big fan of chana dal. So I decided to replace ubbati with kai holige this time. He loved it ! My grandmother used to make this holige every year without fail right after Gauri festival. Because we celebrated Gauri puja at home, there used to be lots of coconut which is typically called as "vaina". It was her belief to make only sweet dishes out of vaina she used to make kai holige and distribute among her kids and their family.

Kai holige is made with coconut stuffing whereas ubbati with chana dal stuffing. We call this coconut stuffing as huran and the outside layer made with all purpose flour or maida as "kanik".This is my second attempt in preparing kai holige and this time the preparation was a bliss. Rolling after placing coconut dumpling came out perfect. This surely is a time consuming sweet dish and needs patience ! But the end result is something you can relish :)

Apr 5, 2013

Aloo Paratha

When Stuti was born we had a nanny to help me and take care of my DD for the first few weeks. She was a Punjabi women and agreed to cook food for us. She was a master in preparing roti and sabji or parathas. The parathas tasted yum and she was super quick in preparing. Though I could not spend all my time learning how to make parathas from her, I would see her preparing these whenever I had time. Now whenever we need a change from our usual authentic konkani food I make parathas. Surprisingly my DD has started liking parathas too and this is a big plus for me. 

Apr 1, 2013

Aamras/ Mango Pulp

Its mango season again :-) ! I just love mangoes. I used to avoid eating mangoes with a fear of gaining weight. Recently  I started reading about nutritional facts of mangoes and if it really causes weight gain the answer was "no". Wow what a relief to me ! I can have mangoes this season without any guilt !

I always buy mangoes for my DD from wholefoods. Those were so sweet and totally yum ! But I just love the ones we get from Indian grocery stores. The first mango I bought this year I could not stop myself from preparing aamras with poori. Yumilicious !