May 21, 2015

Wheat Flour Halwa

Let me warn you this is rich both in ghee and sugar. It is very appetising to me. I have always relished it to the fullest. I have seen people in love with it like myself, my mom and daughter ! You can call it heridity ;) and my husband just not a fan of this halwa. During our recent trip to India I learnt my cousin does not like it either. So there are few who may not like the amount of ghee it calls for.

My aunt is an expert in cooking and this was her go to "instant sweet" when we craved for dessert as kids. I wonder how could she make this as her "go to" dish. May be this is what is passion. According to me this is time consuming and need a lot of patience. I wont deny I have thoroughly enjoyed cooking and eating this. I was always told this sweet dish orginated from a very famous hotel called Taj Mahal in Karkala Town. There are different versions or may be same as this all over India but for me this will always be "karakala halwa". 

May 14, 2015


This is my grandmother's signature dish. I can probably never match the taste with what she prepared during my childhood.

This is very similar to pongal which is prepared in Bangalore/Tamil Nadu with moong dal and rice. A one pot meal. Can be served with tamarind chutney. Thats how I grew up eating and even now its a must for my husband. He will not eat Huggi without the chutney. Tangy taste with a tinge of jaggery makes it drool worthy.