Mar 19, 2010

Ridge Gourd Stir Fry/Gosale Upkari

Upkari or stir fry can be prepared with almost all vegetables. Though the ingredients are same I wanted every upkari I prepare posted on my blog. A very healthy way to eat greens and vegetables.

Mar 8, 2010

Dosakai Jackfruit Seeds Side Dish/Magge Bikanda Sukke

I am not sure what is Dosakai called in english. I believe it belongs to cucumber family and its called yellow cucumber. I have seen this only in Indian grocery stores, guess this is widely used by Indians. In konkani we call it as "magge". Well I am a great fan of "magge upkari". "duddha sheeth (rice mixed with milk) and magge upkari" is my all time favorite. I can eat it any day and any number of times. Again this combination is from my grandmom.

I bought frozen jackfruit seeds to prepare alvatti. The quantity was too much for one time use. My vhanni (sister in law) reminded me of this recipe. Sukke means dry in konkani. This dish does not have gravy and is usually served with rice and dal.