Sep 16, 2010

Jackfruit Seeds Curry/ Bikanda Hinga Udda

Bikand in konkani means jackfruit seeds. I always wonder how our elders found these recipes ! My grandmom had a recipe for almost every edible part of a vegetable or fruit. That nature has faded a lot through generations. Well all these recipes just makes me feel nostalgic about my childhood. 

I bought a pack of jackfruit seeds from New India Bazar :) couple of months back to prepare alvatti and sukke. Whenever my husband opened the freezer he reminded me of these leftover seeds lying there ! Today I decided to finish left over seeds.The easiest and tasty dish to prepare was "hinga udda" which is hingu means asafoetida and udda means water.

Sep 2, 2010

Mushroom Curry/ Alambe Ambat

We get fresh little mushrooms at 99 Ranch. Though these are not typical "gudu gudu alambe" these are button mushrooms and tastes good. Last time when we bought this I had some cucumber also and I decided to prepare ambat and it really came out well.