Feb 13, 2014

Surnali / Dosa

Surnali is a very simple dosa. With just very few ingredients you can have spongy dosas for breakfast. I feel this is a very versatile batter. We can add jaggery and make sweet dosas or just make regular ones and serve with chutney. You can even add cucumber or magge (mangalore sautekayi) to it. If you are adding cucumber it is better to avoid adding poha. Adding both will make the dosa too soft.

Magge is a special cucumber which is called as Mangalore Sautekayi in Bangalore. I am not sure if this is used across India or if this is a South Indian specific vegetable. I remember my Uncle growing this in his farm. This has a longer shelf life and we use this only in different types of gravy and dosas. We do not eat this raw.