Apr 21, 2010

Vegetable Biryani

Long time back I used to prepare Egg Biryani very often. I always wanted to prepare it with simple vegetables and I could make it only last week. Well I do not use any biryani masala whenever I prepare this. I use whole spices from my kitchen. Both my husband and I dont like too much of cinnamon, cardamom and clove taste in our food and preparing this way helps me reduce or increase the spices quantity per our taste.

Step 1:
2 table spoons oil
Julienne cut onions (1 cup)
1 table spoon corn flour

Step 2:
1 cup vegetables ( I used beans, carrots and green peas)
1 cup yogurt
pinch of turmeric powder
1 tea spoon cumin powder
1 tea spoon chilli powder
1 tea spoon coriander powder
1 tea spoon jeera or shahjeera
5 slit green chillies
1 table spoon oil

Step 3:
1 cup rice
1 tea spoon jeera or shahjeera
1 tea spoon oil
1 tea spoon bay leaves
cinnamon  (skip this if you dont like cinnamon flavor)

Step 4:
Chopped coriander leaves
One large chopped tomatoes
1 tea spoon ginger-garlic spoon

As per step 1, cut onions as julienne. Sprinkle corn flour. On a tava heat 2 table spoon of oil and fry onion until it turns golden.
Marinade cut vegetables with ingredients mentioned under step 2. Also add few of the fried onions to this. Leave this for 1-2 hours.
Par boil the rice with above mentioned ingredients in step 3. Let the rice boil only 40% and then drain the water.
Spread the rice on a large plate or tray and let it cool down. Sprinkle or spray some oil on the rice.
When all the above steps are completed, heat oil in a pressure cooker.
Fry ginger-garlic paste for couple of minutes. Add tomatoes.
Pour the yogurt mixture with vegetables
Spread half of the rice on this mixture.
Add fried onions on top of this rice.
Again layer the remaining rice.
Add remaining fried onion and garnish with chopped coriander leaves.
Cook this for 20-25 mins on simmer.
Serve with raitha.

Serves: 3
Preparation Time: 2 hours (includes marination time)

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