Aug 23, 2015

Kashi Halwa - Winter Melon Sweet

Sinfully delicious is what I would say for this dessert ! So easy to prepare. Just a few grated melons is what we need. Rest of the ingredients will be easily available in your pantry. Both my husband and I are so addicted to this dish. 

This dish is originated from Karnataka and I am still not very sure why is it named as Kashi Halwa.This is a must in ceremonies at Mangalore, usually served for breakfast. This is the third time in row I have made for any occasion which calls a dessert or sweet dish. My ninja food processor does a wonderful job in grating the melons and it's a cakewalk for me to make this. The only drawback of this is (which I truly dislike) is the quantity shrinks greatly. Two large pieces of melon is what I used today and the final dish can be served to 3-4 people. Must say the serving portion can not be generous if you want to squeeze in more people for this quantity. 

The version I have made is with sugar. But I very clearly remember my grandmother making it with jaggery and would call it a healthier version. I really did not understand at that age jaggery is better than sugar. However I like both the version and next time I make it with jaggery I will surely post the pictures.

I have not added any color. I do not add colors to food, I can say I do not have any at all. The golden color is due to continuous stirring on very low setting and kesar (saffron). I love the golden color it gives to halwa or even kesari bath.

2-3 cups Kuvvale (Winter Melon) grated
1 cup sugar (adjust depending upon your taste buds)
1/2 cup Ghee
Few - Cashews/Raisins
Pinch of cardamom powder

Grate the melon. It will leave a lot of water. If you feel there is too much of water drain it.
In a pan heat 1-2 tablespoon of ghee. Fry cashews and raisins. Add grated kuvale and keep stirring intermittently. Until it half cooked and water starts evaporating.
Add sugar. The sugar will melt and the halwa mixture will be watery. This needs to be stirred well. When the sugar syrup mixes well with grated kuvvale, add ghee.
Add saffron. Mix until the kuvale is completely cooked and the turns golden in color.

Note: Kuvvale can be replaced with garadudde or opo. Also as I mentioned sugar can be replaced with jaggery.

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