Sep 7, 2015

Adgai/ Young (Green) Jackfruit Pickle

Adgai is a pickle prepared with young jackfruit or green jackfruit. We call green jackfruit as Kadgi in Konkani. There are many dishes which we make with young jackfruit like kadgi uppat, kadgi phodi, kadgi upkari, kadgi chakko etc. Out of all chakko is yummylicious !

Adgai is unlike other traditional pickle. Adgai does not have a very long shelf life. Though there is no coconut used in it it wont last longer than 2-3 weeks only if refrigerated. The initial step to make this pickle to boil raw mangoes and green jackfruit in boiling water. I am assuming the water content is what makes the shelf life shorter. However this is a very tasty pickle and our friends really loved it. Goes very well sheeth, dalithoy or even panna polo. 

Though raw mango definitely adds flavor I have made it without mangoes when mangoes are not in season. The key is to put right amount of spices and also frying it without letting it burn. The only pickle I prepared so far is adgai :-)...the other two were raw mango and also lime but I just bought the ready powder and mixed it according to steps mentioned. So I really wont say i have made pickles at home !


1 small green jackfruit (if you use canned ones, you can take entire one can)
1 big or medium sized raw mango
1/2 cup mustard seeds
1 fistful of coriander seeds
1 teaspoon methi seeds (be careful here as a little more will make the dish bitter) I am always hesitant and use less than what is mentioned or told.
Turmeric Powder
15 red chillies (Increase if you like it more spicy)
1/2 cup salt

Chop raw mangoes and green jackfruit. Add water to salt and bring it to boil. Switch off the flame and add chopped mangoes and green jackfruit. Let it sit for few minutes. 
Drain the water and put the mangoes and jackfruits on a tissue or cheese cloth. Spread it until the water is completely absorbed. Keep the drained water aside. You will need it for making the paste.
In a pan add red chillies and fry it for couple of minutes. 
Remove red chillies and in the same pan add all other spices. Fry it for sometime. The pickle will taste best if each of the spices are fried separately.
Make a paste of fried red chillies adding the salt water which you had drained. Once the red chillies becomes a paste add all other spices.
Add raw mangoes and young jackfruit to it. 
Make a tadka of oil, curry leaves and mustard seeds.
Pour it on adgai.

Note: You can actually steam raw mangoes and green jackfruit for sometime instead of letting it cook in boiling water.
Also store this in a airtight container and refrigerate it if you want to use it for over two weeks.

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