Nov 10, 2015

Panak/ Jaggery Drink

Panak is usually prepared during Ram Navami. But can quench your thirst during any hot day. I made this during Ganapati Festival and completely missed to post the recipe. 

When I look back the memories I have with this panak is going to Ram Navami Puja at Rama Mandir in Thirthahalli with all my cousins in the evening. After the puja a very simple phalahar was served. Cucumber Pachadi, Sakre Bale Hannu and Panak. This was served any number of time one wants. Mouth watering dishes. All are my favorite.

There is really no long list of ingredients. A few which is easily available in the pantry. Water,jaggery, ginger, pepper and lime. Good for even those who want to avoid cane sugar. 

1 litre water
1 lime
1-2 cube jaggery
Crushed pepper
Ginger powder or fresh ginger

Mix together all the above ingredients and refrigerate it. Serve it chilled.

I made this with slight twist. I did not have ginger powder but I really was craving for this panak. So I just boiled the water with few fresh ginger in it. Once cooled I put all the other ingredients and refrigerate it. The taste was perfect !

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