Aug 20, 2015

Konkani Sampradaya/Tradition

Until I completed my 12th grade or 2nd PUC is what it used to be, I grew up in a joint family. A very big and 70 year old house with 14 people living in it is how I remember my childhood. Memories of my maternal grandmother, 3 uncles and their families, then 3rd generation (which I belong to) are a lifetime treasure to me. In the midst of love affection and complexity of living in such a big family I have enjoyed every festival of our community. My grandmother, a woman with such a beautiful heart though not very rigid with tradition, celebrated, rather I would say kept all our tradition/sampradaya alive for many years. Blame it to my childhood, innocence or ignorance I did not record any of what was done at our house. When I got married I stepped into a house, where everyone are equally traditional yet modern people. All the festivals are celebrated with no compulsion. 

I moved to California right after our marriage.I did not get a chance to participate in most of the festivals at my in laws.  Being so naive about our own tradition I started to google about it for each and every occasion.Even though folks are just one call away I collected bits and pieces about our tradition through google, there was no one go to place. I would talk to my mother in law take the information about what is cooked on a particular festival and then try to relate it to how it was done at my mom's place. There was so much of a difference ! Take it Krishnashtami we grew up not eating rice the entire day whereas there is a particular ghashi made at my in laws. We celebrated Diwali without onion/garlic for all 3 days and the tradition at Mangalore is so unique. Its a fish fest at home :-) 

That's when the thought of writing about Festivals and how we celebrate these days at home evolved. I have taken a small step towards it and I only hope I will continue to do it.

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