Oct 13, 2015

Poddale Beeye Sanna Polo

I recently posted a recipe for Poddale Dalithoy. The poddale was so fresh and tender I saved the seeds to make sanna polo. I wonder how people of our ancient generation made use of all most everything in a vegetable. This sanna polo is called Poddale Beeye Sanna Polo.

A very unique to konkani community sanna polo is a spicy dosa which is eaten as a side dish with rice and gravy. This dosa can be made with kirlu, cabbage, onion, poddale seeds etc. To make this dosa you need to have tender (tarne in konkani) snake gourd. The seeds have to be slightly crushed in mortar and pestle.

The seeds being tender is a must in this process. To check and make sure the seeds are tender just deseed them and hold it at one end and press it. The seed should easily get mashed. If the seed is not tender it will pop out from the other side.

If you see my picture closely, you will notice greenish seeds in it. That's how the texture should be of seeds in batter. This will give a crunchy taste to both seeds and dosa when you fry it on tava. Completely mashing the seeds in mixer with batter may not make the dosa taste different.

1 cup rice (soaked for 3-4 hours)
1 cup grated coconut
5-6 red chillies ( adjust per your taste)

Deseed poddale from its flesh and seeds. Thne crush the seeds along with its flesh. I do this in my stone mortar and pestle.

Make a paste of soaked rice, grated coconut, chillies, tamarind and salt. Add very little water.
Add crushed poddale seeds to this ground paste.
On a hot griddle slowly spread it. Typically this is spread by hand. But if you are not used to this procedure use a spoon. Pour a tablespoon of oil.
Close the lid and fry on both the sides.
Serve with rice and dal.

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