Oct 24, 2012

Pepper Mushroom

I am undoubtedly a mushroom lover. My favorite is "gudgud alambe" which is found during rainy season mainly in Mangalore or probably in whole of South Kanara district. Its been ages I haven't had those and unfortunately I don't find them here. I used to bring tiny button mushrooms from Ranch. I prepared "phana upkari" but DH complaint the mushroom gets sticky. There after I have prepared only mushroom sukke for which I will post recipe after Navarathri. The main ingredient in sukke is onion and we don't eat onion on navami and dashami.

Couple of weeks back I got button mushrooms from our usual Indian Grocery store. After keeping it in the fridge for about a week I decided to prepare Pepper Mushroom. I did not have bell pepper so I have used green chilies  Though this dish was a "dry item" we had this with chapati.

Oct 17, 2012

Gobi Manchurian

This surely is not very different than any other gobi manchurian recipes which you can find on internet. However I wanted this to be on my blog because this was one of the very first dish I learned and started to make. I got this recipe from one of  my aunt. She used to make this with very thick sauce. I loved it when my aunt used to prepare this.I have prepared this for couple of my friends and I did get compliments. 

Oct 12, 2012

Aloo Dum/ Cooked Potato in thick gravy

During my kindergarten days I lived in Darjeeling, West Bengal for about a year. Aloo Dum is a dish we used to have there. I got this recipe from my aunt who lived in Darjeeling with her family too. I was too young to remember much about that place. But my mum tries to recall about those winter, going to school having khichidi and aloo dum. We had been to Darjeeling sometime when I was in college. Had corn, steamed momos but completely missed relishing aloo dum.

I do not prefer preparing potato dishes too many times but occasionally I make aloo dum for dinner to serve it with chapathi. This can be made with baby potatoes and really spicy. But I make it with normal potatoes without too many chunky pieces and spice level as medium.