Mar 18, 2013

Kukka Bonda/Chinese Potato Bonda

I started this blog as a database for all the recipes I get from my family and friends. Recently one of my very good friend emailed me if I am still blogging about my collected, tested and tried recipes. Well, I completely have stopped blogging after Stuti is born. She keeps me so busy all day long ! I thought I should kick start it again. Atleast couple of recipes a week :-)

Chinese potato is nothing but kukka which we get in Mangalore. DH loves it and so does DD. When I was talking to my SIL she mentioned about this being available in US and I thought we should give it a try. Now chinese potato has been my go to "quick side dish" every time I run out of time. I make sure I always have a stock of these in the freezer.

When I mentioned about its availability to my aunt she said I must try bonda. Though I am striving to maintain a healthy non-fatty food diet, I could not resist trying this. All the ingredients and methods are exactly same as aloo bonda I posted long ago. Worth a try !