Jul 9, 2013

Bamboo Shoot in Coconut Paste/Kirla Sukke

We used to often have bamboo shoot while in Thirthahalli. After I moved to Bangalore it drastically decreased. I don't remember seeing any store which had bamboo shoot. When I saw this in Japanese market I was really very happy and the very thought of eating it was just mouth watering ;). I immediately bought few of them and prepared couple of items. We call it as Kirlu in konkani. Try it out with rice and dalitoy. Simply amazing !

Fresh bamboo shoot are available from late November to May. But canned once are way too handy and is available during anytime of the year and in various sizes and shapes. When I bought fresh ones, I peeled them, cut and store it in a air tight container with salt. But I omit this process when I buy canned. Usually canned vegetables are already pickled, soft and tender. Adjust salt according to which bamboo shoot you use.