May 27, 2010

Radish-Garlic Fry/ Mulangi Talasan

White radish are available widely here both in Indian and Chinese stores. Even the leaves are very fresh and I always get tempted to buy it only because of the color and freshness. Though my husband is not a picky eater he doesn't like to eat radish for the that fact that it is smelly. My mom used to very frequently prepare ambat and talasan out of it. But I usually prepare "talasan" with lots of garlic. The smell fades to great extent and this goes well with rice.

May 21, 2010

Bitter Gourd sauted in Coconut Gravy/ Karathe Puddi Sagle

Bitter Gourd is available here all round the year and are always very fresh. I get those very frequently. There are couple of recipes which I prepare often. Most of the recipes are either from my aunt who is very fond of bitter gourd or my MIL. This recipe is from my MIL.

Preparing this is time consuming. Definitely worth trying !

May 19, 2010

Fried Ladies Finger in yogurt/ Bhindi Gojju

During our childhood we used to have more of gojju, kadi, rasam, upkari etc for lunch and dinner than ghasi or any other coconut dishes. This was my grand-mom's one of "eating healthy" rule. Even today I prefer non-coconut food more than our authentic konkani "masla randhai" (food which has coconut).

Last week I saw really fresh bhindi which were irresistible. I picked very few of them without any specific recipe in my mind. Well I am glad I bought those. Just prepared simple gojju which my grand-mom used to prepare. I relished it for couple of days. I must mention anything prepared with yogurt or butter milk is delectable for me :).

May 18, 2010

Steamed Rice Patties/ Ramdhan

When I first heard the word "ramdhan" from my husband I really didnt know what does this mean. When he explained me how to prepare this I realised we call this as "sanan". Luckily we found banana leaf during Ganesha Festival in Coconut Hill (Indian Grocery Store).The ingredients are very similar to idly but what makes this special is the aroma of banana leaf. This goes best with chutney.

May 10, 2010

Fish Masala Fry

I started eating fish around my wedding time. I was too picky and not liking fish too much. When my sister-in-law invited us for lunch she served this and forced me to taste. I must say I instantly fell in love with it. She said they prepare this with "maanji" that's "white/silver pomfret". 

After moving here we have been getting white pomfret very often. Though there are other fresh fish available at Ranch 99, we prefer this as it is originated from India and wild caught. We usually prepare this with rice and dalitoy which is a wonderful combination.

May 3, 2010

Asafoetida Chutney/ Hinga Chutney

I am not at all a "chutney person". I eat chutney only if I have nothing else. But this chutney is an exception. I really enjoy eating Ramdhan with this chutney. I got this recipe from my MIL and she said ramdhan is the best match for this chutney. She was so true. Now whenever I prepare ramdhan or ghatti I prepare this chutney without fail.