Aug 16, 2010

Plantain Stir Fry/ Kele Upkari

I love stir fry and I prepare it with all possible vegetables. Plantain stir fry is one such dish which is tasty and comes very handy during any festival or even busy days. I usually prefer dalitoy - kele upkari combo but very rarely prepare this with even rasam or kadi.

1 plantain
3-4 red chillies
6-7 curry leaves
1/4 teaspoon mustard seeds
Water (as required)
1 tablespoon oil

Peel and cut plantain into small cubes.
In a pan heat one tablespoon oil. 
When the oil is hot add mustard seeds. After mustard seed starts spluttering add curry leaves and red chillies. Fry for couple of minutes.
Add plantain cubes, sprinkle water and close the lid.
Sprinkle water intermittently until plantain is cooked.
Serve hot with rice.

Serves: 2
Preparation Time: 15 mins

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