Oct 6, 2015

Sponge Dosa

This dosa is very similar to Surnali. Fluffy and Spongy. The look is very similar to set dosa. I have tried to get the recipe for very authentic set dosa which we get in Bangalore but I have still not got satisfactory results.

This dosa has to been taken thick like surnali and if the batter is fermented well, the dosa comes out very soft. I have used laayi or malar is what it is called. It is one form of popped rice which is widely used in coastal India. This is typically used in making prasads during any pujas. Sweet popped rice and spicy popped rice are always prepared on Krishna Janmashtami at my mum's place. That reminds me I need to post about choodi puja :-) I was always looking for malar in Sunnyvale but never found it until my recent visit to Coconut Hill. We don't visit that store regularly but if I need anything very specific to coastal specifc I surely check that store. Henceforth I know I will stop by that store frequently to buy malar. What I liked the most is the quantity. The pack I picked up is of 2 Lbs and a perfect quantity for my usage.

2 cup rice
1/4 cup urad dal
1 cup grated coconut
1 cup laayi
Butter milk as required
Pinch of baking soda.

Wash and soak rice with urad dal. This needs to be soaked with buttermilk. Add buttermilk just about to soak rice and not too much as the batter consistency needs to be thick like surnali or set dosa.
Soak laayi along with rice.
Grind this together with grated coconut. Let it ferment overnight.
Add salt and pinch of baking soda couple of hours before you plan to make dosa.
On a hot griddle just pour one ladle of batter and let it spread it on its own. If you don't like this thick spread a bit. But this dosa wont come crispy.
Serve it with butter and chutney.

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